Our firm is a kind of “niche” which specialization is indictment in the domain of damages and insurances.

We are specialized in case of people who had been injured in road accidents, work accidents, accidents occurred on students, medical malpractice, sports accidents or damages due to the public authorities’ negligence.

Our firm is specialized in claims against insurance companies, “carnit”(a fund established to compensate victims of road accidents in case of non insured car), National Insurance Institute(Bituah Leumi) and the Ministry of Defence.

Our office has a large experience in handling various insurance cases, claims concerning insurance policies about income due to disability, infirmity due to accidents, health policy and nursing travel insurance, life insurance in case of mortgage and so on.

Our office is busy with plaintiffs who suffered of property damages, building damages, vehicle damages in case of road accident, damages from fire, burglary and theft.

We handle all types of file damages and insurances including problematic and difficult cases, cases without insurance, cases where there is a question of liability, of circumstances, of damages, or very complex cases on juridical point of view, cases where other would “give up”.

Our determination to handle with all types of cases including the most difficult and complicated ones results of the fact that if we are able to handle those kinds of cases , for sure, we are able to provide  successful results to our customers, not to mention  the simpler cases.

The uniqueness of our office consists in looking for creative solutions to problems that arise while handling with cases; to do this, we think differently –“outside the box” – this requires a great investment of time, thought and creativity for each file in order to achieve the best result for our clients.

The way we handle with the different files consists in facing their problematic contents and not disregarding them. We will fight to find the optimal solution, legally practicable for the client, using our thoughts, creativity, intelligence, economic vision of the Court and of course our large and accumulated experience from other cases.

At the first meeting with the client we explain to him the rules and the principles of compensation.We are careful not to promise any amount of compensation, that might be false regarded, even if we may give up the case.

Our policy is filing lawsuits to the Court. Our experience with insurance companies taught us that the fact of filing lawsuits makes the client’s interest go forward more quickly and often the compensation rate is higher. We do our best to promote, as much as possible, our client’s case and to end it successfully and quickly, being aware not to harm the compensation due to him.

 When thinking that trial process could provide our client with a higher compensation and  it could be economically appropriate to wait till the end of the trial, we will manage the portfolio until the close decision.

It is very important for us to give each client a full and personal attention. We are always available for the client and keep in touch with him. We pay very much attention to return a call to a left message and to respond to any problem that may arise during the case.

It is obvious that portfolio about damages requires advices from experts in various fields, that’s why our office has a permanent contact with the best experts of the country in the medical and safety domain as well as social workers , actuaries, psychologists, economists, accountants, agronomists, geometricians, metallurgical experts, and investigators who prepare professional opinion.

The office staff and experts working with us are always at your entire disposal. We are always happy to help and assist you.

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Our office is always open to serve you and always happy to assist you.You can contact us via our website and we will get back to you shortly to set a first meeting in order to consider and examine your case without any cost or obligation on your part.

You can also contact adv Israel Assal at : Assallaw@zahav.net.il

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